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Zishan Haider, 16 years

“The Youth Workers are all pretty safe. We can talk to them about stuff we can’t tell our parents. And it’s confidential. I go on the camps every year and they’re jokes. The Youth Workers teach us lots too. I’m also organising my own trip for AYP with one of the Youth Workers. We’re going on a military assault course. It’s going to be sick.”

Since our efforts to engage to educate local Muslim communities about the need for effective youth-work, we have broadened our base to encourage participation at all levels of the organisation from different faith communities. Our central aim lies in engaging with the most disadvantaged in society, irrespective of their faith and cultural background and to focus on their informal skills development without compromising on their individual identity.

Our youth-work activities clearly promote identifiable learning objectives. Whether it’s helping young people reach moral decisions, encouraging them to challenge their fears, strengthening their confidence or giving them the skills to play a fuller role in society, our Youth Workers are trained to educate in informal settings. We also support young people to make plans for the future, improve their educational performance and access vocational training and employment

The AYP approach is holistic: we aim to support young people to become: physically strong and healthy, mentally alert and inspired, socially integrated, emotionally mature and spiritually conscious individuals.

But our work can get pretty serious too. One day we might be arranging counselling for a 13 year old boy who self-harms and another day we might be supporting a 15 year old girl who finally opened up to a Youth Worker that she’s been sexually abused by an uncle. We stand by young people, all the way, and ensure they’re supporting.

But AYP is also about fun, and we have loads of it. Water fights at Youth Club, watching a live cricket match at Lords, going on a paintballing trip, we’ve done it all. Over the years it’s got bigger and better.

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