You must have received the email by now. And we’ve had an interesting response. Those who know my previous work at Muslim Youth Helpline, will be familiar with a similar project run by my first Charity, which sends Eid gifts to young Muslim offenders in prisons. It is a project I continue to support each year. But this project is also important. What makes this appeal different, is that we’re pushing the Muslim community towards integration, to not only “support their own” but show compassion to all of society. The vast majority of the sick children at St Ormond Street Hospital will be of different faiths and cultures. This project is therefore more progressive, in that we are promoting an interfaith and multicultural tolerance and a non-sectarian compassion, which extends to all humanity.

As you can imagine, it’s proving tough to fundraise. Though many of the donations on the justgiving page appear anonymous, I can actually access their identities. It is therefore no surprise that the donations range between £5-£20 – they are all from current or previous volunteers of the Charity AND previous beneficiaries of the Charity (that means AYP’s ex-kids). In fact, I have received an overwhelmingly positive response from young people at AYP and I realise that 4 years on, we have successfully transformed a generation and inculcated our tolerant values in their minds. So yes, people are not donating. But this recognition, still puts a smile to my face.

But I am concerned about the bill – I will NOT cancel this project, whatever the Muslim community’s aversion to helping others of different faiths and cultures. And I have the full support of the Trustees. I therefore appeal to you all to support this mission. Because it’s not just about toys for sick kids. It’s about encouraging a disengaged Muslim community to show a little humanity. It may sound radical, but AYP was never about towing the line. And I am determined (and confident) we will succeed. Because I believe that you will ALL support me in this project.

Please help us raise the funds – donate, if you can afford it. You can pay in cash, just email me your pledge so I can note it down, and I’ll collect it later. Forward the email to all your contacts. Text your friends. Appeal to your families, and collect cash donations. And if you truly want to help this cause, give me a call. I desperately need help in other fundraising methods, and I will fill you in.