AYP Sponsorship Events (Skydiving, Bungee Jump, 25 Challenges, Spend the night at a Haunted House)

Ansar Youth Project is organising some fantastic Sponsorship Events and would like you and your friends to get involved. We have partnered up with some amazing organisations to offer you the chance to experience the following activities:


Take the plunge on an extreme adventure with a qualified Skydiving Instructor.   Pass through the clouds and see the world, nature and all its beauty from high above.

Bungee Jumping

Breath… Jump… Live. Leap from a 300m height and be at one with the gusts of wind that lift you. Taste the exhilarating experience as you bungee jump and feel your senses elevating.

Spend the Night at a Haunted House

Have the night of your life as you find yourself gripped by the terrors which lurk in an old Victorian house. Will you finally be able to conquer the abode that no man has ever managed to vanquish?

All the events are free subject to you being able to raise the stated amount. For example, AYP will pay for your Sky-diving experience given that you are able to raise £500. All funds raised will allow AYP to run some fantastic projects in 2018.

Thank you for all your support – We would not be here without the help of our incredible volunteers, donors and dedicated staff team! Let’s make 2018 a fantastic year for AYP!!!

To sign-up, please follow the link and fill out the form before 15th January 2018.



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