It’s official. The rumours in the office are no longer rumours. Our dearest Sabiha has found her match! And from the comments made by female Youth Workers, who spent no less than six minutes staring at his facebook picture in the office on Thursday, I can confirm, the official AYP position is one of approval.

Many congratulations Sabiha, from us all. You’re an important part of the team, and I am very happy for you, especially after you commitment to the Charity, and your unwavering support, at every, yes every, fundraising event we’ve ever held. It never goes unnoticed. It’s an effort to collect sponsorship money each year. Some people don’t bother. You have done us proud.

The girls are planning to celebrate – so please give them a date, as they’re just waiting to throw a party! I’ll make my classic tiramisu and pass it on.