What we do

AYP will be launching its full programme of activities in January 2018 which will include:

  • Daily youth club sessions for 8-12 year olds, 12-15 year olds and 16 to 18 year olds
  • A volunteering and leadership programme for young people
  • A regular programme of one-off sporting events, trips and outings
  • Evening sports sessions
  • Breakfast Clubs
  • Day time IT classes
  • Employment and Business Start up sessions

Volunteering & Leadership Programme

We have several volunteering roles at AYP: You can volunteer as a Youth Club Admin, and help with registration or manning the Tuck Shop at Youth Club, you can help in the office with administration or you can take part in AYPj (that stands for juniors), which is our Youth Consultation Panel. For all roles you get training, individual mentoring and support from a Youth Worker and invitations to exclusive social events and parties!

To see some of our current youth volunteers click here.

Regular Events

Whether it’s a basketball tournament, a trip to Alton Towers or a summer barbecue, you’re invited to take part.

Camps & Residentials

In the past we’ve been camping to the Isle of Wight for four days, several overnight residentials and sleepovers in Oxford and a long-weekend trip to Paris. To see where we’re going this year, keep checking the website!

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