• Wembley Youth Centre, London Road, London HA9 7EU
  • 0208 903 0300
  • Wembley Youth Centre, London Road, London HA9 7EU
  • 0208 903 0300


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Youth Programme Manager / Male Safeguarding Officer
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Youth Programme Manager / Female Safeguarding Officer
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Operations Manager

Senior Youth Worker / Management Team

Young People First

AYP Where No-one Is Left Behind. All young people are welcome to take part in all of our activities.

Covid-19 Support

Urgent food and supplies distribution to the most vulnerable in Brent and neighboring boroughs.

Daily Youth Club and Holiday Programme

Fun activities and trips every day. Come meet new people and have fun.

Youth Leadership Programme

Join the AYP Management Team from as young as 13 years old.

AYP - Where No-on Is Left Behind

Ansar Youth Project (AYP) is an exciting and innovative youth organisation which specialises in targeting young people from a diverse range of disadvantaged and marginalised communities in Brent and neighboring boroughs. We are a pioneering organisation providing faith and culturally sensitive youth-work in local communities.

We believe that young people who are left behind by other organisations should not be ignored, rather engaged with. We believe that those young people who are disadvantaged should not be overlooked, but mentored. We believe that the young boy peddling drugs on the street corner should not be thought of as a lost cause, but a potential integrated citizen of the British community. In the end, the potential of our society is not being reached due to our inability to access and help those who are most in need, and most able to contribute to our society. Young people deserve a dedicated facility in which they can grow and develop as socially and spiritually conscientious individuals, who are well-integrated, active and model citizens of society.

Ansar Youth Project engages with young people by organising leisure activities, events and outings with clearly defined social objectives. Through activity-based informal learning, AYP’s Youth Workers support and guide young people in a positive, non-chastising manner in order to cultivate the holistic development of young people.


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