• Wembley Youth Centre, London Road, London HA9 7EU
  • 0208 903 0300
  • Wembley Youth Centre, London Road, London HA9 7EU
  • 0208 903 0300

Noor Al-Mousawi

  • Email: n.almousawi@ansaryouth.org.uk

  • Address: Wembley Youth and Community Centre, London Road, London HA97 EU

  • Phone: 07375 350 071

Contact Us

My name is Noor and I have a few roles at AYP:
– Youth Programme Co-Ordinator – Designated Safeguarding Officer – Online Safety Officer – Social Media Coordinator – Senior Youth Worker – Youth Worker Training Coordinator – Best pool player (If anyone would like to take over any of these roles, please DM us and let’s hope I’m the one replying)

Age: 26 years young
Interesting fact: I can make you tremble with fear with one look

Sanity during lockdown tips:
1. Speak to anyone and anything, people, animals, the wall…as long as there’s communication
2. Open your front door and breathe in air from the outside, especially when the sun is out to ensure you don’t come out like a caveman the day lockdown is lifted
Favourite food: chips

Favourite superhero: Captain Marvel – dont @ me

Favourite ice cream and why: mint chocolate chip ice cream because it describes me init SWEET AND REFRESHING 😬

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. Which colour would you be and why? BLACK because black is beautiful
Claim to fame: I get calls from modelling agencies wanting me to model their clothes for them and I’m on YouTube – find me if you can.
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
I would go to Dubai, it has ladies only beaches.
What movie title best describes your life?
A series of unfortunate events.

Favourite animal: Elephants 🐘

Are Mudassir and Zu twins?
Are Baqer and Bashir twins?
If you could swap places with someone for a day, who would it be and why?
Zuhayr because I wanna know where he disappears to when he’s not at AYP

Making Everyone Happy

Noor makes everyone happy as soon as she enters the room

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